Miki Nemcek

I am a motion graphic designer and 3D Artist with a huge background in various other disciplines. I studied Product design, spent a good couple of years by designing and building Flash websites. Found out that I am pretty good in Graphic design and 2D animation, which led me finally to 3D and all of its magic. During this long and very intense development, I gained a lot of international experiences, worked with many different clients and tried Agency life in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Vancouver and Auckland. Recently Red Bull Media house in Salzburg and now I am a freelancer. I am very lucky to have my girlfriend Lenka by my side through all the moving around the world. I like to be a generalist who explores as much as possible to achieve maximum possible quality in my projects and constantly learning new stuff every day. From design, art direction to execution, I can cover all of those fields in top level quality, which is I hope visible in the amount of passion I put in my work.